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Arizona Higher Education Sustainability Conference

About Arizona Higher Education Sustainability Conference

The Arizona Higher Education Sustainability Conference (AHESC) is the first conference to bring together Arizona universities, colleges, and community colleges in one place to focus on sustainability issues distinct to Arizona and the Southwest region. AHESC is designed to inspire, inform, and create engagement opportunities for students, faculty, staff and administrators working or studying in higher education institutions across Arizona to advance sustainability solutions on our campuses and in our regional community.

By choosing a statewide model, we bring a variety of perspectives to the table, create a collaborative platform to work through common challenges and key issues (such as water, energy, pollution, etc.), grow a network to share practical tools and solutions that fit Arizona's unique landscape, and build mutual ownership in the development of a stronger foundation for sustainability and education throughout the region.

2014 Host: University of Arizona

The University of Arizona has been a leader in many areas of sustainability for more than a decade and earned a gold star rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education for our comprehensive approach and our vision as a living learning laboratory for sustainability.

2014 Steering Committee

AHESC is organized via a collaboration of institutional stakeholders from across the state of Arizona. This year's steering committee consists of:

  • Nick Brown, Arizona State University
  • Betty Lombardo, Arizona State University
  • JoEllen Alberhasky, Arizona State University
  • Chelsi Tryon, Arizona State University
  • Leon Jackson, Diné College
  • Thomas Williams, Maricopa Community College System
  • Rod Parnell, Northern Arizona University
  • Ellen Vaughan, Northern Arizona University
  • Jim Van Arsdel, The University of Arizona
  • Julia Rudnick, The University of Arizona
  • David Bradshaw, The University of Arizona
  • Casey Kahn-Thornbrugh, Tohono O'odham Community College
  • Joe Abraham, Willamette University